The proof below contains notes for the placement of the emblem honoring Emperor Hirohito.

The proof below has notes for changes in the demoninations on the issued stamps. The issued stamp was changed from 85s to 16s.

The proof below contains notes for plate changes. In this case one of the plates was already used for issued stamps in another country. There are also notes regarding caption changes. These are very unique items.

The notes on the proof below denote changes in Donald & Daisy's eye color.

The notes that are found on some of the pre production proofs are unique. They typically call attention to changes in color, denomination or the placement of certain items. Below are some very fine examples of these notes.

The proof on the left above is attached to a card with notes. The note indicates that the 500 should be moved up. On the issued stamp to the right you can see the 500 has been moved.

The above proof is attached to a card with notes to move the wording to the left and to drop the 500. On the right is the issued stamp with the wording moved and the 500 dropped.

The proof above has notes for changes. Many changes were made before it was approved. The proof below shows the changes made and has a seal. 

The above proof folder has notes to add a period (.) after the Le in the denomination. Below are the issued stamps with the change.

The proofs above are noted as "on hold" pending indication of interest. Some of the artwork was eventually used and some was not in set #545-553. Very interesting and unique! 

The above notes ask for brighter colors on the issued stamps.